Campaign and Character Themes

Skull and Shackles: Secrets of the Shackles is a Pathfinder Pirate campaign for 4-6

players (and one GM). During the game you’ll have the opportunity to become the most

fearsome pirates in the Shackles gaining prestige and power, perhaps enough to rule the

entire region yourselves. Swinging from the yardarm, hunting treasure, gettin’ keelhauled

and swilling rum are some of the many things you’ll have a chance to do in this campaign.

That’s why it’s incredibly important that you create a character that fits the themes and

style of the campaign being presented.

During the course of this campaign you’re going to become pirates, but at the beginning of

the campaign you’re going to be low-level an unaccomplished freebooter at best. A

backstory is a requirement of this campaign but I don’t want to read anything overly long.

Two paragraphs that explains:

• Who you are. (Damocles Queg; Half-Orc Brawler (fighter))

• What your major personal conflict is. (Escaped Slave from Cheliax)

• What your character desires most. (A pretty wife and many fat babies).

The first session will require you tell your backstory to your fellow crew members so think of

Early in the campaign you are likely to make some enemies, some of these enemies will

be big and all encompassing, others will be petty and vindictive. The Shackles is a

massive Sandbox (and Aquarium), which means not every challenge is beatable at the

level you first face it. What does this mean?

Sometimes vengeance must wait for the opportune moment.

Golarion assumes magic is relatively commonplace, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fantastic

and strange. There will be times when you’ll encounter things that have not been covered

by formal rules, hana juju the spirit world lurks just outside the vision of mortal eyes effecting

everything. Superstitions aren’t just words in the wind mateys.

The accumulation of booty, very fancy hats, ships, hideouts, wenches, grog and more

wenches should be enough to motivate you to adventure.

Religions: Besmara, Cayden Caillean, Gozreh, Juju

Captain Jonas Morgan

While Jonas never gained a seat on the Pirate Council, he was well respected by

practically every pirate in the Shackles. Captain Morgan was fair to his crew and feared by

his enemies. Many pirates vied to serve on Captain Morgan’s crew, and a few of the more

influential pirates in the Shackles have served under him at one point or another.

So it came as a surprise to the Pirate Lords of the Shackles that Morgan had decided to go

legit. Squibbing his ship The Misty Mourner and taking on a new name Captain Morgan

renamed himself Captain Shamus Hunglar Ackles (Cap’n Shackles). Still in possession of

his letter of Marque from the Hurricane King, Morgan was one of the few traders relatively

safe to sail the Shackles without fear of predation (and more than capable of defending

himself should trouble occur).

The Prologue

It was during his second tour of the Shackles that Captain Morgan had to change up much

of his old crew, who were none too pleased by Morgan’s desire to go legit, and it is here that you come in.

Skull and Shackles Moustache-Twirling-Evil

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