Skull and Shackles Moustache-Twirling-Evil

Cracking Tidewater Keep

Or, wait... we weren't supposed to do that yet?

Leaving Port

We sailed out from Rickity Squibs and were attacked by three sahaugin one night while Yabarak was on watch. He dispatched them all without bothering to wake us.

  • 3 heavy crossbow, 30 bolts
  • 3 tridents

The next morning, we spotted a keelboat and pursued it. The ship was Eltin Bade, a fishing boat. We overtook it and captured it, taking seven of its crew alive while losing one of our crew. We invited them to join us, but they refused, so we took their stuff and their captain, but left the rest of them alone. We fed the captain ichor from a dead ghoul and slit his throat, leaving him in the sweatbox to rise as a ghast.

  • heavy crossbow, 8 bolts
  • mwk rapier (Edric)
  • +1 chain shirt (Edric, sell his studded leather armor)
  • elixir of swimming
  • 2 grappling hooks
  • 2 potions of cure light wounds
  • 2 mwk studded leather armor
  • 2 light crossbows, 18 bolts
  • 2 short swords
  • 50 gp of fish

Tidewater Keep

The noble Augusta Smithy is currently in charge of the rock. The harbor was first discovered 200 years ago by the Free Captain Magna Stormeyes, who used it as a bacy for piracy, funding the construction of the Keep. She later became Hurricaine King, but was assassinated by another Free Captain. Her mate Gertra Frome seized control of the keep. The keep is now considered as a good luck base because it has been helf by two big Free Captains in the past. It is of less strategic importance since the Sargavan rebellion against Cheliax. The most recent lord, Bertram Smithy, also had a few castles on the surrounding islands. He was in a fued with the Free Captain Antioch. Barnibus Harrigan and Antioch destroyed his fleet and he was lost at sea. Harrigan tried to take the tower from his widow, but she successfully defended it.

We docked at the harbor under the guise of being fishermen. We sold the fish to them and talked to the Sgt.-at-Arms Roister McCleigh about docking. When they declined our offer to help bring the fish into the keep, Purity said that we were actually not fishermen but escorting Prince Desidirius Erasmus (played by Edric), who wished to court the lady (but didn’t wish to reveal his identity until we verified that the island was secure). They didn’t believe us, so Purity said that we were actually on a secret governmental mission that we could only discuss with the lady of the keep. They didn’t believe us, and told Purity to shut up. Edric said that we were actually pirates, but they weren’t particularly interested. We pretended to sail away, but secretly swam ashore while our ship left us, planning a nightime commando raid. We tried to sneak in, but failed miserably, as all of us but Betty were spotted.

Betty quickly climbed the tower and entered a fourth-floor window to their dining room before they could shut it. Unfortunately, the majority of the garrison was currently there and Betty bravely fought them off until the rest of us could ascend and join the fracas. In the end, we killed all of the guards and McCleigh and caught the fleeing lady. She surrendered to us and said that she would be valuable to us as she possesses a letter of marque. Purity conceded that this would be useful to her secret governmental mission and condescended to allow the lady to wed with our cook, “Fishguts” Kroop.

  • farglass
  • +1 greatsword
  • +1 banded mail
  • 9 spears
  • 2 daggers
  • 3 potions of cure light wounds
  • mwk cutlass
  • mwk heavy crossbow
  • ring of protection +1 (Yabarak)
  • signet ring (50 gp)
  • 10 +1 bolts
  • 2 alchemist fire
  • 8 longswords
  • 8 javelins

State of the Armada

The Forlorn Wraith

AC 2, Hardness 5, 20 plunder worth of cargo space (currently 3 plunder)
HP 1620 (in four sections)
Save +6
CMB +8, CMD 16
Ramming damage 8d8
2 light balistas, 3d8/19-20: 20 bolts (worth 10 gp each)
Max speed: 90 ft
Acceleration: 30 ft
3 masts, 90 squares of sails
Min. crew 20
Current crew: 32

The number of ships in the armada is currently smaller than is desirable.

State of the Undead

Purity controls via:
Command undead: 1 ghast

State of the Party

Weapons (ranged):

  • 3 light crossbow, 30 bolts
  • 5 heavy crossbow, 58 bolts
  • 3 crossbow, 20 bolts
  • underwater crossbow
  • shortbow
  • 8 javelins
  • 9 poisoned spears
  • 9 spears

Weapons (melee):

  • boarding axe
  • club
  • 2 cutlasses
  • 8 daggers
  • 2 heavy mace
  • 8 longswords
  • morningstar
  • punching dagger
  • 2 short swords
  • 3 tridents
  • whip


  • 4 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 11 potions of cure light wounds
  • 5 alchemist fires
  • 2 thunderstones
  • tanglefoot bag
  • 3 flasks of acid
  • 6 flasks of holy water
  • 2 tindertwigs
  • 3 vermin repellents
  • 1 pellet grenade
  • elixir of swimming


  • scrimshaw whale skull that functions as arcane scrolls of alter self, black tentacles, blur, color spray, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy, and vampiric touch


  • farglass
  • 2 mwk manacles
  • 2 grappling hooks
  • 2 flensing knives
  • 6 torches
  • 5 sets of caltrops
  • 2 bullseye lanterns
  • pavillion


  • magical hide armor
  • amulet
  • 2 scrolls (from Sandara)

Stuff to sell:

  • studded leather armor
  • 2 mwk studded leather armor
  • +1 greatsword
  • +1 banded mail
  • mwk cutlass
  • mwk heavy crossbow
  • signet ring (50 gp)
  • 10 +1 bolts

Plot items:

  • ledgers and the captains log

The party has 7,686.7 gp


vretha michaelroy

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