Skull and Shackles Moustache-Twirling-Evil

Hijinks on the High Seas

Force-feeding ghoul flesh counts as hijinks

We looted everything of value from Tidewater Keep and left Shortstone as captain of the guard with a garrison of seven others. We took on Mardus as cabin boy at his request and assured his grandparents, the servants Albers and Birnery Siggs, that we’d “take just as good of care of their grandson as they take care of our keep,” but we softened the threat by including their life savings in the “everything of value” that we looted.

  • buccaneer’s breastplate (Purity, sell scale mail)
  • crafted 2x amulets of natural armor (-2000 gp)

As Purity finished crafting, the keep was attacked by two saltwater marrows: giants that walked out of the ocean. They climbed the tower and grabbed Yabarak out a window and Betty from the roof, but we quickly slew them and offered their carcasses as a gift to our hungry ghoul. We stripped their skulls as figureheads for our ship (and the ship we acquired below).

  • 2000 gp
  • 4 huge javelins that we’ll use as ballista bolts

We used the farglass to search for ships, and spotted one nine days later. It was a Rahadouni schooner called the Sand blot, with two masts, and marines and a cage on deck. We caught and boarded it, and took it despite the manticore they released from the cage. We captured 28 sailors in addition to the captain and head marine, while losing 2 in the battle.

  • cloth, copper, and salt worth 2 plunder
  • various crossbows, armor, etc.
  • 2 mwk studded leather
  • 2 light crossbow
  • 2 boarding pike
  • 2 short swords
  • mwk rapier
  • +1 chain shirt
  • heavy crossbow, 10 bolts
  • elixir of swimming
  • 2 potions of CLW
  • 1 potion of CMW

Purity’s ghast died in the battle, but she fed its flesh to the captain and marine, gaining a new ghast and a ghoul. We transferred the manticore cage to our ship for holding the ghouls. All 28 of the surviving crew joined our crew, although 10 left when we reached Rickity Squibs.

We went to Rickity Squibs to squib our new ship. We spent 2,000 gp for the squibbing, plus 200 gp to move 1 ballista to the front of each ship and 50 gp to repair the damage from the battle. Rickity christened our second ship as the Skeletal Raider.

State of the Armada

The Forlorn Wraith

AC 2, Hardness 5, 20 plunder worth of cargo space (currently 7 plunder)
HP 1620 (in four sections)
Save +6
CMB +8, CMD 16
Ramming damage 8d8
2 light balistas, 3d8/19-20: 16 bolts (worth 10 gp each)
Max speed: 90 ft
Acceleration: 30 ft
3 masts, 90 squares of sails
Min. crew 20

The Skeletal Raider

Statistics as above, except carrying no plunder and with 16 bolts.

There are 41 crew between the two ships and 8 crew on Tidewater Keep.
The number of ships in the armada is currently tolerable.

State of the Undead

Purity controls via:
Command undead: 1 ghast, 1 ghoul

State of the Party

Weapons (ranged):

  • various crossbows, armor, etc.
  • 5 light crossbow, 30 bolts
  • 6 heavy crossbow, 68 bolts
  • 3 crossbow, 170 bolts
  • underwater crossbow
  • shortbow
  • 8 javelins
  • 9 poisoned spears
  • 9 spears

Weapons (melee):

  • boarding axe
  • 2 boarding pikes
  • club
  • 2 cutlasses
  • 8 daggers
  • 2 heavy mace
  • 8 longswords
  • morningstar
  • punching dagger
  • 4 short swords
  • 3 tridents
  • whip


  • 5 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 13 potions of cure light wounds
  • 4 potions of water breathing
  • 3 potions of flight
  • 6 alchemist fires
  • 2 thunderstones
  • tanglefoot bag
  • 3 flasks of acid
  • 6 flasks of holy water
  • 2 tindertwigs
  • 3 vermin repellents
  • 1 pellet grenade
  • 2 elixir of swimming


  • scrimshaw whale skull that functions as arcane scrolls of alter self, black tentacles, blur, color spray, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy, and vampiric touch


  • farglass
  • 2 mwk manacles
  • 2 grappling hooks
  • 2 flensing knives
  • 6 torches
  • 5 sets of caltrops
  • 2 bullseye lanterns
  • pavillion


  • magical hide armor
  • amulet
  • 2 scrolls (from Sandara)

Stuff to sell:

  • studded leather armor
  • 4 mwk studded leather armor
  • +1 greatsword
  • +1 banded mail
  • +1 chain shirt
  • mwk cutlass
  • mwk rapier
  • mwk heavy crossbow
  • signet ring (50 gp)
  • 10 +1 bolts
  • scale mail

Plot items:

  • ledgers and the captains log

The party has 4,646.7 gp


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