Skull and Shackles Moustache-Twirling-Evil

The Squibbing

Or, nagas like beer

Our ship managed to limp to port despite its limited crew. One dead sailor turned to a ghoul, but was killed before Purity could command it. We kept some of its ichor for use as an infection vector later.

During a storm, the ship was attacked by adarro, human/shark hybrids.

  • 9 spears (with poison)
  • 1150 gp worth of seashells, pearls, etc.

Kroop made some fin soup. He tells us its lucky that we didn’t encounter any pirates, as we don’t have a letter of marque. We can get one by building our reputation, by raiding ships from villages not affiliated with the pirate king.

We arrived in Rickity Squibs. Our ship currently had four units of plunder, and we gave one to the crew. They tell us that it will take five days and 4000 gp to repair and squib our ship. During that time, we crafted and bought:

  • 4 cloaks of resistance +1 (-2000 gp)
  • wand of cure light wounds (29 charges) (-435 gp)

Rickity says that giant bugs, jungle cats, and snakes have been coming out of the jungle. He used to be on the Bearded Whore, which once took on the Chelish fleet.

We recruit 22 new crew (3 halfling, 19 human).

We went to play a game of 9 pins and drink beer, but the rope to where the beer was being cooled in the river jerked when the locals went to retrieve it, sending one man into the water and cutting through the hands of a woman holding it. A young water naga was at the other end and attacked. We tried futilely to injure the creature, and eventually decided to instead focus on pulling in the beer. We found it half-full of water, as the naga had been drinking from it. Purity offered to share beer with the naga instead of fighting, and it agreed. Her name was Celissa. She told us that her older, larger sister had taken her old lair, so that she now plans to lair in the river. We brokered a deal with Rickity under which he would provide her a barrel of beer per week in exchange for protecting the humans in the area. Rickity agreed, but said they’d need time to establish a brewery first in order to meet that order. In the meantime, she told us to help her construct her lair by bringing rocks and digging. She offered us a reefclaw.

While helping dig her lair, a colony of giant wasps emerged from the jungle. With help from Celissa, we were able to defeat them before they could do much damage to the squibs.

We have reached a new infamy/disrepute threshold.

A Chelish galleon entered the cove and an armed party landed. However, they weren’t dressed as Chelish navy and we recognized them as being led by the free captain Merill Pegsworthy. He used to be Merill Tantry of the Andoran navy, who joined the Grey Corsairs and faced down the Chelish navy and slavers. He lost his younger brother in a storm. He turned pirate after his leg was fouled in a battle. His mate Lt. Drell had severed his leg to save him from drowning, although Drell drowned. He lacked the funds for magical regeneration and so was given a desk job by the Andorans. He instead took over his old ship, the Bon Adventure, and sailed out as a pirate.

There was no warning of the ships arrival, which worried Rickity. He offered us a 100 gp discount on the squibbing to check on the lighthouse. On the way up, we were attacked by giant bees. After killing them, we saw a parrot swoop down and say “Shoo! Fly, don’t bother me!” When we reached the lighthouse, we found the corpse of the lighthouse keeper, Lyle, with a black spot on his neck. He died of a reaction to the wasp poison. Yabarak took the parrot, Rotgut.

  • +1 morningstar (Purity, replacing morningstar)

They buried Lyle and offered us 400 gp.

Pegsworthy agreed to christen our ship as the Forlorn Wraith. He gave us a blessing and mentioned that Tidewater Rock was currently being held by a minor noble. He offered to put in a good word if we made a name for ourselves and told us to use the password “Iron Eagle” to be protected from his ships.

State of the Party

Weapons (ranged):

  • light crossbow, 12 bolts
  • heavy crossbow, 20 bolts
  • 3 crossbow, 20 bolts
  • underwater crossbow
  • shortbow
  • 9 poisoned spears

Weapons (melee):

  • boarding axe
  • club
  • 2 cutlasses
  • 6 daggers
  • 2 heavy mace
  • morningstar
  • punching dagger
  • whip


  • 4 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 6 potions of cure light wounds
  • 3 alchemist fires
  • 2 thunderstones
  • tanglefoot bag
  • 3 flasks of acid
  • 6 flasks of holy water
  • 2 tindertwigs
  • 3 vermin repellents
  • 1 pellet grenade


  • scrimshaw whale skull that functions as arcane scrolls of alter self, black tentacles, blur, color spray, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy, and vampiric touch


  • 2 mwk manacles
  • 2 flensing knives
  • 6 torches
  • 5 sets of caltrops
  • 2 bullseye lanterns
  • pavillion


  • magical hide armor
  • amulet
  • 2 scrolls (from Sandara)

Plot items:

  • ledgers and the captains log

The party has 7,636.7 gp


vretha michaelroy

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