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Tidewater Keep Booty and Description

With Amanda’s level up she has a perception to find all the hidden caches on a one so I will just paste in the description of the keep. You are only able to scrounge up two plunder at the keep as the Lady Smythee has fallen on hard times.

B1. Tower Entrance: The door to the tower is kept locked
and barred (hardness 5, hp 20, Break DC 30), and a guard
in area B3 carries the key. The chamber beyond is floored
with the dirt filling the tower’s base and is used to store
assorted supplies, spare timber, kegs of nails and tar, spare
sailcloth, fishing lines and nets, lengths of heavy rope,
and unused furniture. A rowboat hangs from the rafters.
Alcoves in the walls and below the arrow slit hold more
delicate items such as tinderboxes, tallow candles, and
chipped crockery. A side alcove holds a staggered wooden
ladder that accesses the second floor (area B2). The ladder
is unusual in that its rungs alternate from side to side
so that someone not paying attention can easily lose his
footing and fall (DC 12 Acrobatics check to climb if taking
less than a full-round action).

B2. Defensive Corridor: This corridor runs along the
south wall of the tower and provides access to three arrow
slits overlooking the shingle. The guard from area B3
moves here whenever a ship is spotted approaching the
island. A chest at one end holds 150 crossbow bolts, and a
tarnished silver ewer (worth 35 gp) holding drinking water
sits on a table at the other end.

B3. Guardroom: A few chairs and a table compose the
furnishings in this room. A guard is always on duty here,
and carries the key to the door at area B1.

B4. Bunkroom: Narrow plank bunks are crammed into
the room along with a few stools and an old sea chest.
Four of the guards are quartered here in rotating shifts,
and Royster McCleagh bunks here when not sharing
Lady Smythee’s quarters. The sea chest holds the guards’
collected pay, a total of 85 gp.

B5. Workshop: A small forge has been set up beneath
the arrow slit, and worktables around the room are arrayed
with tools for ironwork as well as carpentry and general
repairs. A few wood planks are stacked against one wall,
and a crate holds brass nails. Mardus the goatherd beds
down beneath one of the tables here at night.

B6. Defensive Stair: This cramped stair spirals steeply
up to the third and fourth f loors (areas B7 and B11) and
serves as a choke point for invaders. A large masonry jar
in the corner contains alchemist’s fire that can be thrown
from the arrow slit and affects a 10-foot-radius area.

B7. Privy: A stone privy has been built into an alcove on the
stair landing. A clay pitcher of water rests on the f loor beside
it to wash any wastes down the pipe and out into the surf.
B8. Kitchen: A small fire pit has been built into the alcove
below the arrow slit. A stack of driftwood rests nearby,
while a kettle dangles from an iron brace above it. A table,
chopping block, barrels of pickled vegetables, and alcoves
holding dry goods fill out the rest of the room. Birney Siggs
is usually cooking here during the day, and the scullion
Clew beds down atop bags of grain in one of the alcoves.

B9. Water Stores: The door to this room is always
locked, and Albers Siggs carries the key. Fresh water is
one of the most precious commodities on the island, and
a dozen large barrels are always kept filled here in case of
siege or fire. Several hogsheads of ale and rum are likewise
stored here.

B10. Retainers’ Quarters: At night, Albers and Birney
Siggs retire to this chamber with its simple bed, chest, table,
and chair. The couples’ combined saving of 310 gp, mostly
in silver and copper coins, is hidden in the chest beneath a
false bottom.

B11. Feast Hall: A long oaken table that can seat up to 10
fills this room, over which hangs a heavy iron chandelier.
An arrow slit alcove serves as a sideboard and generally
holds a tapped keg of ale for meal times and off-duty
guards. A wide window—the only true window in the
castle—overlooks the picturesque harbor and admits a
soft southerly breeze, but has sturdy oak shutters that can
be barred from within. A door to the north opens on stairs
leading up to the battlements (area B13). To the east, a
locked door leads to area B12, its key held by Lady Smythee
herself. Albers Siggs can usually be found here during the
day, serving as the lady’s chamberlain. A small end table
has a secret drawer where Royster keeps his savings,
consisting of 42 pp and a small jadeite Garundi idol (worth 350 gp).

B12. Master Apartment: This is the most spacious room
in the castle and holds the only true fireplace, a peatburning
affair that is rarely lit in these tropical climes. A
comfortable but sagging couch stands before the fireplace,
along with a small writing table and pair of chairs. An old
sea chest stands before an elegant bed, next to an antique
armor stand. The armor stand holds Iron Bert Smythee’s
famed “iron shirt,” a buccaneer’s breastplate (Advanced Player’s
Guide 284), which Captain Smythee unfortunately forgot to
don in his haste to depart on his last voyage. The sea chest
holds the last of Agasta Smythee’s fortune hidden beneath
her fine, but well-worn, clothing: a farglass
four potions of water breathing, and three potions of flight.

B13. Battlements: Two guards are always on duty upon
this parapet, day or night. The tower chimney rises 10 feet
above the walkway, and the peak of the lead-shingled roof
rises to a height of 7 feet. Two light ballistae, each with
a barrel of 15 bolts nearby, have been set in turrets at the
southern corners, overlooking the lagoon. The drop from
the battlements to the ground below is 70 feet. On a clear
day, a lookout with a good spyglass can see for miles out to
sea from here.

Buccaneer’s Breastplate

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Weight 30 lbs.; Price 23,850 gp

This +1 breastplate is made of shining amber metal and decorated with faint motifs of the waves and water. It allows the wearer to continually utilize the effects of the spell water walk. If a creature puts on the armor while underwater, the wearer is borne toward the surface at a rate of 60 feet per round.

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, water walk; Cost 12,100 gp

Far Glass
Aura faint divination; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 6,400 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This telescoping brass spyglass functions as a normal spyglass and allows clear vision to the horizon 3 miles away at sea level. From atop a typical crow’s nest or 70-foot-tall tower like Tidewater Rock, this vision extends to over 10 miles. Once per day, the user of a farglass can activate a clairaudience/ clairvoyance effect upon any location seen through the farglass’s lens. As long as the location is kept in sight through the lens, the clairaudience/clairvoyance sensor can move with the location. This effect lasts for up to 5 minutes.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, clairaudience/ clairvoyance; Cost 3,700 gp


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